Muslim men and women across the world are experiencing a tremendous challenge to their identity at this time in history. They need to come together, reconnect with their Islamic heritage, and prepare to take on those challenges. The Deep Roots Project is here for that. Our mission is to engage each Deep Roots participant in a focused, intensive process of development whereby they develop “Roots” that stabilize them in an ever-changing, challenging world. Roots reinforce their faith, identity and purpose and enable them to stay strong against the forces of Islamophobia and challenges to their deen.

These Roots are:

            (1) Heritage: A working knowledge of their Islamic heritage in the West

            (2) Sincerity: The devotion of all of their work to God and to everlasting rewards

            (3) Self-Respect: The recognition of their true worth as creations of God and the assertion of the honour and dignity that they                      rightfully deserve

            (4) Service: A commitment to constant service of those around them, beginning with care for self, family and their immediate                      communities

            (5) Vision: A deep sense of purpose and the strategic planning required to accomplish their purpose


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