Read here for detailed information about the program.

The cost of the retreat is $1250 CAD/ $1000 USD/ 740 GBP. This includes ground transportation upon arrival in Spain, all meals and the activities and program. This does not include flights.

Deep Roots is intended to support sound Islamic character as we believe that this is essential to good Islamic leadership. The program will include Islamic reminders, daily prayers and Islamic etiquette start to finish. Youth will be segregated while sleeping and will be guided to observe healthy, sound Islamic behaviours in their interactions.

Who's behind the program?

Read about some of the team members here. 

Deep Roots is an offshoot of Andalucian Routes, an Islamic Educational Tour company. Read more about Andalucian Routes here and here.

Deep Roots is not tied to any specific organization or group. Our sole intention is to utilize the powerful lessons of Spain to further empower youth leaders when they return home to their respective communities and organizations. 

Deep Roots is a peaceful educational initiative that promotes the well-being of all people. We do not condone activities that would be harmful or disrespectful to people of any background, faith or ethnicity. 

how do youth get to the program?

Individuals are responsible for booking their own flights to the program. Due to the season, the price of an individual adult round-trip to Malaga, Spain is between $1300- $1600 CAD.


All participants should arrive as follows:

Malaga Airport (AGP), flights should arrive no later than 1pm on Sunday, August 19, 2018 (where they will be picked up by the Deep Roots Team). Upon arrival, meet the Deep Roots Team in "arrivals" at the Cafe and Te cafe. 

All participants should depart as follows:

Malaga Airport (AGP), flights should depart no earlier than 1pm on Sunday, August 26, 2018

Participants will be picked up and dropped off by the Deep Roots team at the scheduled time. Those arriving earlier must make their way to the airport for pick up. Those arriving later will have to make their own way to our first stop on the retreat, Cordoba. Note: Cordoba is 2 hours away from Malaga by bus.