The Leadership Retreat

The Leadership Retreat is an 8 day/7 night leadership intensive whereby youth will travel to Andalucia, Spain and visit the cities of Cordoba, Granada and the Alpujarras Mountains. There, they will undergo a profound experiential learning process where we will facilitate the growth of their Roots: Heritage, Sincerity, Self-Respect, Service and Vision. 


The Retreat includes the following features:



- Learning and developing the attributes of a Falcon, a great leader, with a focus on Abdulrahman I, the founder of Islamic Spain and the "Falcon of Quraysh"

- Nurturing and developing Roots through experiential learning

- Developing the skills to execute effective, sustainable work in home communities

solidifying strong character

- Practicing Service, Gratitude and Remembrance throughout the program by helping others, reflection and supplication

- Taking on team and leadership roles in the program

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intensive learning about andalucia, spain

- Guided educational tours of Andalucia, including the great sites of Cordoba and Granada

- Learning the powerful lessons of Islamic Spain, including its achievements, & parallels with Muslim identity and Islamophobia today

- Learning about the great leaders of Islamic Spain and practicing their attributes, with a special focus on Abdulrahman I, "the falcon of Quraysh"



Who's the retreat for?

The retreat is for two separate age groups: 

Dec. 30 2018-Jan 6 2018 is for ages 14-19

The retreat is open to any man or woman whether a part of an organization or not. Organizations can also request a Deep Roots Leadership Retreat tailored specifically to their members' age group, and integrating the organization's objectives.

Do participants have to be a part of an organization?

No, participants can register as individuals. If a participant registers as an individual, we will notify him/her of the next available Retreat open to all. 

Can I be a mentor?

If you'd like to be a mentor, fill the application here.

What's the cost? 

The cost per participant is $1250 CAD/ $1000 USD/ 740 GBP. Note: this does not include flights. However, if there are a large number of individuals departing from the same airport, the Deep Roots Project can arrange a block of seats on a flight from that airport, which may reduce costs for participants. Contact us for more details. 


We are committed to making this experience accessible to all men and women interested in attending. Several options are available to help individuals pay admission including sponsorships and individual fundraising. Don't let the cost deter you; contact us for more details.

Upon registration, what happens?

Upon registration, you will be contacted by The Deep Roots team. You will be given an official application form and further details on travel, the exact itinerary and making payment.

After the retreat, what happens?

Click here for more information on what happens after the retreat.